Bracelet/Bangle Size Chart & Guide

  Bracelets and Bangles are classy, delicate jewelry pieces.

Bracelets are flexible and come in the form of a loop or chain. You can design them with different materials, including but not limited to metals, gemstones, cords, beads, charms, pearls, and more.

Unlike bracelets, bangles are rigid, closed circular designs, meaning one size does not fit all individuals. Instead, the inner diameter of the bangle determines size according to people's wrist size.

How to Choose the Suitable Bracelet Sizes

The bracelet or bangle size may vary depending on weight, bone structure of wrists, and gender. For example, men usually have broader wrists than women. Here are the brief details about choosing the correct bracelet size for women.

Bracelet Sizes For Women

The standard length of bracelets for women starts from 5.9 inches and goes up to 7.3 inches. However, the most common length identified for women is 7 inches. Women’s wrist size for identifying the right size of bracelets measured in (cm) inner circumference that usually starts from 15cm and goes up to 18.5cm and is further characterized in sizes such as XS, small, medium, and large just like that of clothing.

Bracelet Sizes For Men

Men usually have broader wrists than women. The standard length of men’s bracelets ranges between 7.1 – 8.7 inches. Men’s wrist sizes are measured in (cm) inner circumference and range between 18 to 22 cm, which is further characterized as medium, large, XL, and XXL.

The table below gives an in-depth overview of identifying the perfect bracelet size for men and women.

Bracelets are mostly openable with a hook or are stretchable and loose when not tied up.

Therefore, you don’t need to follow the above information to identify the right size for the customer. You can also add an extender like a Necklace. Please refer to Necklace Sizes for reference.

Unlike bracelets, It is better to design several sizes of bangle to meet with your customer with different wrist sizes. Therefore, please check the dimensions of the bangle below for your reference.

Size Diameter in cm Diameter in inches Circumferences in Inches
2.12 7 2.75 8.64
2.10 6.7 2.625 8.24
2.8 6.5 2.5 7.85
2.6 6 2.375 7.46
2.4 5.7 2.25 7.06
2.2 5.4 2.125 6.67

We also want to share a method to tell your customers to identify their sizes so they can buy the correct dimensions in your collection.

Identifying Your Customer’s Bangle Size

Step 1: Bring the thumb and pinky finger together.

Step 2: With the help of a measuring tape, thread or paper measure the circumference of the hand.

Step 3: If they don’t have measuring tape available and are using thread or plain paper, then tell them to measure the marks they have made with a ruler, and then they can identify the accurate size through the table given below;


Measuring the Bracelet / Bangle Size for Fitting Style

Additionally, bracelets and bangles come in different styles, or we can say that your customers might have a certain preference when it comes to fitting a hand band. Normally, three types of fitting styles are used;

  1. Snug Fit (the size that fits perfectly to the wrist of your customers)
  2. Comfort Fit (doesn’t fit tightly on the wrist)
  3. and Loose Fit (appears loose on the wrist)

Here is a chart that will explain to you the size differences that are to add to achieve any of the above-fitting styles.


Include Below Inch(es) to Wrist Size Fitting Styles
1/4 – 1/2 inches – .6 to 1.2 cm This type is called Snug Fit
Include 3/4 – 1 Inches – .8 to 2.6 cm This type is called Comfort Fit
Include 1 – 1/4 Inches – 3.2 cm This type is called Loose Fit


We hope this piece of content will help you identify the perfect Bracelet / Bangle sizes for your customer and will eventually result in you serving your customers in the best way possible.